Drummoyne Power Junior Australian Football Club was founded in October 1998 and its inaugural season was 1999.

The idea of starting Drummoyne Power came from Phil Dixon. He recruited the support of Robyn and Tom Wilmot and Sean Clancy. All parties agreed it would be a good idea, and Tom Wilmot and Sean Clancy both loaned $1,000 each to get the club started.

There was a meeting at the Wilmots’ home, attended by Phil Dixon, Robyn Wilmot, Tom Wilmot, Sean Clancy, Phil Nelson and Brian Farrell. Phil brought a bottle of French champagne, which was opened to celebrate the Club’s foundation. Hilary suggested we take the Port Power colours and song, it was agreed and so Drummoyne Power came into existence.

Success came very early on with our sole team becoming Under 12 Premiers in 1999. Since then numerous teams have reached the finals and there have been several premierships. Many players over the years have played at representative level and received honours.

The growth and success of the club comes from the commitment of a wide range of people, not least the coaches and managers who guide our teams on a weekly basis.

Drummoyne Power is a Club run by parent volunteers for their children and we’re proud of the culture of volunteering that has been developed over the years. We encourage you to join in this volunteering tradition, to help make this great Club even better.

In 2018, the Club celebrated its 20th Anniversary, adopting a special logo to mark the year.

20th Anniversary Logo

Two videos were prepared for a gala function, with thanks to Club member Gus Seebeck and Bastion Stadium.