Wet Weather Update: 18-19 July

Current as at 12.15, Saturday 18 July


All games on Saturday have been cancelled.

Our games were at Goddard Oval, Picken Oval and Bat and Ball Oval. All ovals have been closed after the heavy downpours.

Sunday games

With the improved weather, grounds under review have been reopened. Games will go ahead at the following ovals (and will only be closed due to safety if it gets wild overnight).

· u12/2 Lincoln Oval open – 11.45 game as scheduled
· u13/2 Bat and Ball Oval open 9.30 game as scheduled
· u13/3 Heathcote Oval – 10.30 game as scheduled
· YG14 Kanebridge Oval – 11.40 game as scheduled
· u14/3 Bat and Ball Oval open 11am game as scheduled
· u17/2 ground change to Gwawley Oval

U14/1, sorry, your ground remains closed and your game is officially washed out.

U18 YG played on Wednesday night.

We’ll post updates here, and on Facebook, as they come through.