Under11 Black v Newtown Red, Round 8

Under 11 Black v Newtown Red

Round 8, 13 June: Alan Davidson Oval

Another slow start cost us.

We let Newtown sneak out to a 120 point lead in the first three and a half quarters, only to find the gap too much to haul in when our game clicked in the final seven minutes.

But, boy were we on fire in those seven minutes!

James G had tried hard all day under duress and it was fitting he set up our minute of dominance. He won the ball in the middle, delivered a nice pass to Charlie who marked strongly and sent the ball to the goal square where Manfred roved brilliantly off the back of the pack to kick our opening goal. And the crowd erupted.

With the crowd on their feet, we won the ball straight from the ensuing bounce and in no time, it was back in the goal square where Manfred was on the spot again and could have had two goals in a minute but his shot was touched on the line.

There were strings of handballs, some good passes and solid marking in those hot final few minutes.

Everyone did something good during the day but, alas, we were just outclassed by a very good team.

Will was competitive, combative and determined all day and was never going to let anyone beat him and, mostly, they didn’t.

Sammy, as usual, was fierce at the footy all day and the more Thea became involved in the second half, the more competitive we became.

But the most exhausted man on the ground was goal umpire Dwyer who was so busy, his pen ran out of ink and he had to call for back-up. Unfortunately, not much of the ink was used on us.

Footy has its tough days and this was certainly one of those.

But then there’s other days that we can influence. Let’s make sure the next day we play, we are the ones who determine how we play and we don’t let the opposition dictate what happens.

Two weeks earlier against Moore Park we were brilliant. They’re the sort of days we want.