U9 Teal

Under 9 Teal Round 1

Under 9 Teal v Concord Giants Sheedy

Round One, Goddard Oval, Concord

A hot day made for a sweaty match. Really good start to the season with the boys all keen to get into it.

Great team effort with all players contributing throughout the match. Here’s a summary of each player’s game:

Declan – got a few good taps and intercepted a kick.

Nick – Today’s player of the day with 1 goal ( plus one scored from the mids!)

Tom C – first goal kicked in quarter 1 after taking a great mark, good handballs and teamwork

Ethan D – terrific at marking the other team’s top player, one great goal and at least one behind. With his height and agility, Ethan is a great addition to team Teal.

Sean – Good handball pass to team mate, took a strong mark in the 3rd quarter.

Harry – Worked hard throughout the game. Special mention made of Harry’s tackling ability and hunger for the ball. Harry has no fear.

Ethan N – A goal in the first quarter but plenty of handballs to team mates showing great team work. Some good tackles too. A fine all round game and strong in each area.

Tom N – took a great mark and came so close to a goal. Got in position and found the spaces.

Kaya – Really good effort for his first ever game of footy. Showed some flair with a good pick up in the mids. Always looking for the ball with arms up and ready.

Lucas – some good handballs and a strong kick out of the backs. Really good in defence in the first quarter stopping plenty.

Milan – very focused and in amongst the action. a couple of good touches.

Scott – always in the spaces ready for the ball. Took a top mark and made a few good tackles. Kicked a goal while in traffic in the last quarter (pic attached of Scott’s goal going through the posts!)

Beautiful day at Goddard for a Drummoyne Power U9's goal.

Beautiful day at Goddard for a Drummoyne Power U9’s goal.


A very evenly matched game. Special mention for the young umpire who did a terrific job of confidently running the game and educating the boys.

The end of game team huddle and song.

The end of game team huddle and song.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Nick  awarded Player of the Day for outstanding footy in each position.

Goal kickers

Nick, Tom C, Ethan D, Ethan N, Scott W


Thanks to Sean, Ethan D, Scott and Tom N for playing for the other side. Great sportsmanship shown by these boys.