Under 9 Black – Round 6

U9 Black vs Moore Park Tigers Black

Round 6, Saturday 19 May, 2018

Bat & Ball Oval

The Power made the cross-town trip to Bat and Ball Oval for the highly anticipated match up against the Moore Park Tigers on a beautiful Saturday morning to play the beautiful game.

For an age group that doesn’t score, the Tigers supporters have in the past seemed very focused on the invisible scoreboard. If they were looking at it on Saturday the only word they would have been able to make out would have been “WOW”.

While scores aren’t part of the equation in U9s, the Power dominated on the non-existent scoreboard, in the tackling contest, under the high ball – well, they dominated everywhere!

Austen P (this is his Dad writing) was awesome from start to finish – so good in fact that I’m working on a novella-sized matched report that documents all his feats on the day (you can now pre-order an advance copy for only $49.95).

After a great pass from Akira, Austen put the writing on the wall with an excellent mark and goal only seconds after first bounce. Talan, who was also very good for the entire game, put an excellent tackle on a soon-to-be-tamed Tiger; and when Alex followed up with the tackle of the day that stopped what looks to be an inevitable goal, it was all over bar the shouting.

After a first quarter pep-talk from Mark “the greatest junior AFL coach in 100 years” Gunning, the floodgates open with Akira, Alexander G and Talan all finding the space between the big sticks. Dimitri and Hamish found more space than you’d see on an African safari and the now tamed Tigers had no answers.

As the second half rolled on Sam B was really good in the ruck and Lachlan showed the pace of a gazelle (in fact, he wouldn’t look out of place on safari!). When Tommy “I should be playing for the Cats” showed how to kick truly after taking another great mark, it seemed like more of the same – but it wasn’t, this was special!

Everyone was awesome (though I’ll state once again for the record that the Austen P was the best – to order an advanced copy click here)!

Rohan got right into in, Austin D shrugged off injury, Nathen shrugged off high contact, Arnaud stuck to his opposite number like glue and Luke N proved really strong when the ball did make its way into the Tigers’ forward line.

Congratulations to all the boys and a massive thank you not only to our SuperCoach but also to all the parents that bring such a lovely energy to the game every Saturday morning – we truly are a lovely tribe (and while we don’t score, it is great to tame a Tiger!)

P.S. Don’t forget to order your advanced copy of Austen was Absolutely Awesome here. Naturally, Austen P was the MoM but a special mention too for Alex V and Alexander G!