Under 8 White v Moore Park Yellow – Round 5

U8 White v Moore Park Yellow

Round 5, Drummoyne Oval

The boys played really well on Saturday against the Moore Park Tigers, a very good team as we discovered. Plenty of highlights from the Power team, which as a group defended very well.

Harry was the leading kick getter with 12, including a goal, but his determination in the last seconds to dive and touch the ball just before crossing for a likely goal was great.

Will was another big contributor with 11 kicks (one a long goal), 2 good marks and relentless defensive pressures.

John played well all over the field with 8 kicks, a number of good hand passes and plenty of defensive pressures.

Ned did very well with 9 kicks including 2 goals, 4 hand passes and 4 smothered kicks in defence.

Hugo had 7 disposals, but took two great marks to boot.

Nash was only able to play a little over one period but in that time defended fiercely.

Louis had 5 kicks but really ran well with ball in hand, also producing one great kick smother to prevent a score.

Aiden ran well with the ball, defended particularly well in the centre and produced the hand pass of the match.

Finn had a couple of key kicks and really played well in defence.

Toby was a key player when in the centre and did particularly well on centre hit outs.

Sam played well in all three periods, a number of good kicks and hand passes, and a telling mark.