Under 8 Black – Round 4

U8 Black vs Western Suburbs Magpies

Round 4, Saturday 29 April 2017,

Drummoyne Oval

Alex V: You are great at defence: called you “king of smothering”. Most of the game you were very interacting with your team mates and even with your opponent team, making them playing mini games while the game was on.

Tom: You are great at passing the ball to your team mates, and keep the game moving at a good pace. You have some of the quickest feet in the team. You helped the team to kick some goals and took great marks all the way through the game.

Austen P: Excellent kicks from the centre to the forwards which led to couple of goals. You also managed to score some goals as well, and were very consistent throughout the game.

Dimitri: You are a great driver of the ball, with great kicks and passes throughout the game. Cutting through the defence and kicking in some goals was great to watch.

Evie: This was probably your best game ever—always there in the ball ups. Your running and passing of the ball with the team led to a goal in the second quarter.

Lachlan: You have good speed in your feet, especially the dance moves you do to trick you opponents, which is always fun to watch. You are good at breaking though the defence line and are very aware of your team position.

Hamish: You have great energy in your offensive skills, always attacking and putting pressure on the opponents. You also kicked some goals in the last quarter.

Arnaud: Always holding the fort, you kept your hands up to defend the ball throughout the game.

Alexander: You are an amazing allrounder, and you kept yourself in great position throughout the game to get your hands on the ball. You are always there within the reach to the ball and you are a captain of the team.

Akira: You were very focused in the game, always with an eye on the ball and you know how to get to the ball and kick the sharp angle goals. Throughout the game, because of your focus, the ball always landed in your hands. Taking the ball to right place is your key strength.

Coaches award: Lachlan

Play of the week: Akira