Under 7s Teal v Glebe – Round 7

Under 7 Teal v Glebe

Jubilee Oval. Round 7

The Greyhounds game plan was obvious – they wanted to make an impression, take no prisoners and head home glorious winners. From the first bounce they scored the first goal of the match, and the mid-fielders of Zoe, Fletcher and Dylan suddenly got a steely glint in their eyes, and the backs of Jack, Hugh and Ned were ready to take up the challenge to defend their goals.

At the next bounce Glebe once again had the ball, but were defended heavily by Zoe, giving Jack the chance to grab the ball and send a strong straight kick down the field. Picked up by Ned and then Jack again they ran the field to get the ball of out Greyhound territory, with some pirouetting, bouncing and flash dance moves that left everyone slightly impressed. Ned then took an impressive mark, and scored! (Hang on Ned – aren’t you playing in the backs?). Who cares! The Power was back!

The impressive defence continued into the 2nd term by Isaac O, and Isaac (playing up from the U6s) defending off determined Greyhounds, however it was now Power’s turn to start kicking goals. Jack made an impressive run to bring the ball to Zoe, Fletcher and Dylan, but a fumble and the ball was lost. Jack was back – grabbed the ball again and sent it back into play. Isaac O stole the ball from the Greyhounds, supported by Dylan and Fletcher and the ball was back to Jack who scored! The crowd went wild.

The mid-fielders of Jack, Hugh and Ned continued to run hard, and at the next bounce Ned took control of the game with great support from Isaac’s kicking and scored his second of four goals for the day.

By the third term everyone was working solidly as a team, and the goals were coming thick and fast through real team work. Zoe to Fletcher. Fletcher to Jack. Jack to Ned, and score.

Highlights of the day:

Dylan’s frustration at the Greyhounds getting ahead (they did give us a run for our money), but after great advice from our champion coach Carolyn, going on to be a real play maker and taking home Player of the Match. Well done Dylan.

Zoe taking a bolting run down the centre, but forgetting to keep her feet going at the same speed as her determination, and over she went. She kept the ball, got up again and was off with a kick into the forwards which resulted in a goal. Girl Power at its best (yes, I’m her Mum).

Great marks from height by Ned, and Fletcher. Like, really really great marks!

Ned scoring a goal between the legs of the Greyhounds. They didn’t see that move coming.

Isaac playing up from U6s, and being impressive all day.

Jack and Hugh’s support of their team members, and being real play makers. Jack did a lot of running, and helped score many goals.

Isaac scoring a goal, after great defence saw him steal the ball and bring home the bacon.

Brilliant game – Go Power!