Under 7: Match Report Round 3

u7 White v East Sydney Bulldogs

Round 3, Drummoyne Oval

Superb team performance throughout the three quarters by our team of eight players.

The first quarter belonged to Baxter who scored three goals putting the team in a strong position moving forward. Jeremy and Liam kicked, marked and hand passed regularly in the first quarter while Zoe did a wonderful job making sure the opposition regularly failed to kick the ball when in possession due to her strong marking and chasing down. Koji and Phoenix caught and kicked well with some nice hand passing to fellow team mates.

The second quarter saw a strong performance from Benjamin scoring five times, Isaac twice and Liam once. Jeremy continued his strong ball kicking combining well with Liam and Baxter. Zoe impressed again with her marking and passing with the team taking a strong lead into the final quarter.

The third quarter turned out to be a strong scoring quarter for the Power. Jeremy put five scores on the board,Liam, Zoe and Baxter put one each between the posts.

Some lovely touches from Koji, Isaac, Baxter, Phoenix, Liam and Zoe saw Drummoyne finish the game off in commanding style.