Under 7 teal v Newtown Swans – Round 1

Under 7 Teal v Newtown Swans

Round 1

In hot sunny weather, the under 7s Teal had a brilliant game against the Newtown Swans.

The game started with three spectacular goals from Zoe in the forwards. The Swans were a strong team so the Teals had plenty of opportunity for defence. Dylan, Issac M and Jack CA all had excellent clearances from the defensive zone. A stellar mark from Jack CA would be a contender for the AFL’s Mark of the Year.

Fletcher’s solid successes ruck work was commendable and Hayden’s efforts to push forward were excellent and helped the team to move the ball into the forward half. Charlotte and Sophia paired well to pass the ball around. Oliver was awarded man of the match for his consistent defence.

Congratulations to all of the players for a great first match!