Under 7 Black, Round 8

U7 Black v East Sydney Bulldogs

Round 8, 28 May,

Trumper Park

With rain clouds gathering and a slight sprinkle drizzling down, the boys and girls of U7 Black took on a committed and worthy opponent.

In the first period Akira, Austen P and Evie muscled up in the backline, and were under relentless pressure from the start. Akira stood tall and managed an incredible mark followed up with some big kicking out of defence. Evie kept herself busy and managed a stimulating run through the Bulldogs’ forwards to ease the pressure. Austen P also produced some big kicks out of defence and grabbed a blinder of a mark. Our centres of Tess, Alex and Hamish were kept busy for the period and a stimulating run by Alex through the centre and then delivering a pinpoint hand ball was a highlight. Tess was defiant in the ruck with a few crucial knock downs and she almost grabbed a screamer of a mark late in the period as U7 black dug deep. Our forwards in Alexander, Austin D and Arnaud didn’t have much of the ball but made the most of their limited opportunities. Austin D took a great mark and followed up with a pinpoint pass to Alexander. Alexander peppered the goals but was unable to break down the tight Bulldogs defence whilst Arnaud kept immense pressure to keep the ball locked in the Power forward line for long periods of time.

In the second period, and under direct instructions from our legendary coach Mark, Hamish, Alex and Tess powered into the forward line. Tess took control as the deep forward, which pushed back the Bulldogs defence, while Hamish gave a 100% in trying to score but again could not crack the Bulldogs stoic defence. Finally, after a flying run through the centre and into the forward line, Alex punished the weary Bulldogs defence with an incredible goal. The Bulldogs, however, surged back, and Austin D, Alexander and Arnaud came under immense pressure to hold the line. Alexander ran hard all period in holding back the rampant Bulldogs forwards while Arnaud provided the perfect support around the break down. Austin D tried desperately to stop the Bulldogs scoring with his relentless hustling, which caused the Bulldogs forwards real problems. The centres were kept busy all period and Evie was a star in the ruck, out smarting much taller opponents as the Power picked up some momentum. Akira continued his powerful running and delivered some great kicks into the Power forward line. Austen P stepped up and delivered some deep penetrating kicks and manned up on some key Bulldogs centres.

As the temperature started to drop, it certainly was warming up out on the field. In the third period U7 black threw everything into the game. Akira stepped up and was relentless in shaking up the Bulldogs defence, which nearly allowed Evie to score an amazing goal. The hard work of Evie and Akira finally broke down the Bulldogs defence as Austen P capitalised with a fantastic goal. The centres of Austin D, Alexander and Arnaud teamed up brilliantly in the face of tough competition, with Arnaud’s pass back to Alexander showcasing U7 Blacks teamwork. Alexander showed great desperation and thwarted many attacks by the Bulldogs midfield while Austin D managed some great runs and seemed to be always around the break down. The backs continued to come under enormous pressure but Alex, Tess and Hamish never stopped trying until the final siren. Tess combined with Hamish in producing a scintillating run out of defence and with Alex’s ‘never give up’ attitude providing a persistent issue for the Bulldogs forwards.

With the siren sounding for full time and the rain starting to roll in the boys and girls of U7 Black powered through the club song after an epic battle against the Bulldogs. Well played Under 7 Black!