Under 6 Teal: Round One Match Report April 18

Under 6 Teal v Glebe Greyhounds: Round 1

Five Dock Park

After a night of rain, Five Dock Park was in perfect condition for footy.

Special Mention

Charles from Glebe helped us out by evening out the numbers, even though he was playing against his own team he was constantly attacking and defending at the highest level.

Match Report

Starting with a great exchange of kicks through the middle , tough defence at the back from Freddie, Flynn and Rorey working hard the clear out of the back line. Rorey kicks to Zac to start a charge down field. Zac clears to the forward line. Jake working hard in the centre. A lot of attack from Glebe but strong defence from Freddie, Flynn and Rorey kept them out.

Fergus shot on goal and great kicks out of defence from Jake. Cohen strong kicking and clearing down field. Cohen great return after a strong defensive effort that put his body on the line.  Deep into the second third and Glebe scored the first goal of the game. Rorey kicks to Freddie and into Zac good charge forward. Cohen nice clearing kicks out of the back line with arms always high in defence.

Jake and Zac combine which lead to a great goal by Zac for Drummoyne! Freddie strong mark kicks to Rorey.

Defence at the back still holds with repeated Glebe attack. Flynn goal, assist from Freddie with a nice hand ball. Followed up by another great goal. Another strong kick from Freddie just slipped past the post, Rorey long run and finishes with a goal.

Full time siren sounds great game!


All players great effort to start the season. Keep up the good work boys!

Outstanding Players

Freddie played hard and fair in all thirds.