Under 11s Black v Easts Blue

Under 11 Black Round 5 v Easts Blue

Trumper Park

Grass! At Trumper! When we got over the shock, we were grateful for the cushioning as we ended up on the lush turf a fair bit. It turned out to be a bruising day, both on the field and the scoreboard.

No-one loves it tough as much as Sammy. Once again, he climbed out of his sick bed, defied his mother’s pleas to take it easy and ends up Best on Ground. Among his many highlights was every footballer’s dream: a left foot goal!

But even better than the left foot was the fact it came at the end of his third effort in the one passage of play. He smothered, then tackled, then attacked the footy on the ground and didn’t hesitate when on his left foot to use it for the ultimate result.

It was a classic example of always staying in the contest, keeping your feet, wanting the ball and using that thing on the end of your left leg.

But it was our only goal of the third quarter which proved to be the term that got away from us.

The first half was pretty tight, with Charlie hitting the ball hard and Will emerging from the rolling maul that seemed to occupy much of the first quarter to kick the opening goal of the day.

We had several chances in the second quarter that just fell short as Thea dominated the middle, taking brave marks and sending the ball forward where James A’s silky skills deserved greater reward.

Archie again stepped up from Teal and was courageous in defence in what was a tight and tough second term.

We went into the main break only two goals behind the top team and were right in the contest, but one sleepy quarter cost us the game. Easts ran away with it in the third term, leaving us with a tough job in the final quarter.

Paddy was brave and smart in the middle in that final term, reading the centre bounces and winning many clearances. He deserved his goal after a trademark burst through the pack.

Ben and Manfred provided strong marking contests and although the game was beyond reach, the kids never stopped shepherding, tackling and trying their best.

If we keep doing that, the elusive win will come.

Goal kickers

Will, Sammy (with his left foot), Paddy.


Thanks to Jeff in the goals, Mike for his oranges and snakes and Lisa and Duncan for the very flash looking jumpers.