Under 10 Black v East Sydney Reds, Round 4

Drummoyne Under 10 Black v East Sydney Reds

Trumper Park, Round 4

On a sultry Saturday afternoon, the Blacks ventured to Trumper Park for a round 4 clash with the East Sydney Bulldogs. And didn’t they deliver some sterling entertainment for their loyal bad of fans.

The catchcry was “enjoy yourself and have a go”. This was after last week’s lacklustre effort had many speculating that this usually gritty team had lost its mojo – or coach Warwick had “lost the dressing room”. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for those fears to be laid to rest.

Russell was head-over-the-ball brave from the first minute and never stopped. He fed off some good work by Denver at the tap-outs and some neat roving by Lachie C. Lukas proved solid at the back when the Dogs launched some early attacks and it was his raking clearance that led to Lachlan C scoring the first major of the game – and giving the Blacks a slender lead at quarter time.

“Follow Russell” was the message at oranges, even though the boys seemed to prefer the jelly snakes. Henry B was one that was listening and Jaspar, with his unmistakeable hair, was also in the thick of things. Damien was trying to get into space but was closely marked and Luke had some good touches. But the no 14 for the Dogs was proving a handful and gave them the lead right on the halftime siren.

The Blacks found the 3rd quarter hard going but repelled wave after wave of attack. Nicholas, Samuel, Lochie D and Toby all made key saves or halted the Bulldog’s momentum. “What do we need?” the coach asked Cooper. “Goals,” said Cooper, proving that the eye-watering falcon he copped hadn’t dulled his tactical brilliance. Others said “snakes”, and packet was soon empty.

The Blacks would kick the best of the game after Denver took the ball on halfway and found Lachie with a pinpoint kick. Damien found the open, took the mark and converted for a stylish goal. But in a low-scoring game it proved the final hurrah, even though the boys competed to the very end.

Russell was a clear best on ground for the Blacks, with Lukas and Denver also in the mix. It is back to the spiritual home of Drummoyne Oval next week – for more snakes and more goals.


Special thanks to our exceptional match reporter, our fabulous goal umpire and amazing Ian on oranges/snakes.