U9 Teal, Round 3

U9 Teal v Moore Park Tigers

Round 3, Bat and Ball Oval

With four players out, it was always going to be tough for our lads at Bat and Ball. But every player on the ground delivered, in what was one of the most enthralling games of the season so far. The opposition pulled away early with a few goals but slowing down the ball in the midfield let our forwards put us on the board.

Tackling was what kept us in this one. Dylan exemplified this with three quick tackles in the 3rd that eventually led to a free kick that followed on with a few good passes leading to a great goal. Lachlan C also had a similar tackle in the 3rd but the tackle of the day went to Caleb in the 2nd that brought the crowd to their knees following a chase from behind. Conor was strong in the mid-field in the 2nd and put more pressure on the opposition in the 3rd.

Mark of the game goes to Ned who took a screamer on his knees in the 1st quarter. Ben snapped a goal early in the 2nd while William R had a huge game in the forwards to keep us in the game. Angus played through an injury to inspire our team and was strong everywhere he played.

Max kicked some important goals and some huge tackles to deliver himself the coaches award.

Special mention goes to Finn who had over eight tackles per quarter – stats that are just unheard of in this age group. He was the undisputed Best on Ground. Nice!

If we had a scoreboard in U9, it may not have reflected a win, but we did play like a team who deserved to sing their song with pride. And we did. How good is Saturday footy! Go the Power!