U9 Teal Round 8 vs Concord Giants

Tackling pressure. Two words that underscore a sensational performance by our U9s vs Concord Giants. The boys put in one of the best games of the season to make the club proud.

The first quarter saw Otto & LT dominate the midfield clearances based on the tackling efforts of Dylan & Lachie C. Some stand out highlights were Conor’s superb mark in the midfield,  Max’s efforts in the defensive packs and Angus’s decision making when kicking out from full back. Great team play from Will R to Finn to Dylan brought up the Power’s first goal. The last goal of the quarter also came from an excellent end to end team run, finishing with Tiger nailing the six points.

The second quarter starting in the same manner as the first but the intensity went up a notch. Dylan & Lachie C provided the impetus with a series of tackles that won free kicks and provided momentum to the forward line. The Giants also stepped up in a hard-fought contest. The Power’s efforts on the defensive line were brilliant with Max & Lucas leading the effort. Lucas took full opportunity from a misdirected kick out to nail another goal for the team.

Nothing let up in the third Quarter as others stepped up with the tackling pressure. Calab pulled off one of the best tackles of the day and Dylan & Lachie C continued to rack up the fantasy stats. Some great ball movement from Otto to Calab to Ben was only soured by not getting the six points. The Giants were hard at the ball and some little niggles developed across the ground. Hats off to our coaching staff who kept things under control and channelled the boys’ energy into eagerness for winning the ball.

The final quarter continued to be a hard fought contest in these two well matched sides. The Dylan & Lachie C show continued with neither letting up with their intensity. Lucas took a spectacular diving mark & Otto’s solid efforts to win the ball were amongst the highlights of another fine team effort topped off by a great second goal by Tiger.

This game has highlighted the significant development our boys have made since rising from Auskick into the juniors. Sticking together as a unit is now paying dividends along with the focus and commitment of our coaching and support staff.

Hats off to everyone and roll on the Power !!