U9 Teal Round 6

U9 Teal v Maroubra

Round 6, Heffron Park, Saturday 14 May 2015

Despite the long trek all the way to Heffron and the lack of decent coffee to sustain the support crew, Under 9 Teal put on a great show in glorious, 2 weeks from winter, conditions.

Great teamwork was on display for the whole match and every player on the field gave it their best. Mark of the day went to Tom N in the 2nd quarter and handball of the match went to Lucas for an impressive off the ground disposal leading to a great goal

We saw excellent defence from Declan, Callum set up a great goal for Ethan N. Nick was an absolute tackling machine. It’s great to see the under 9s embracing the new rules this season.

Ethan D gave us a great advantage with his height in the taps while Sean did not stop running, marking and tackling. Tom C was great in attack and Milan was on fire in defence in the 3rd.

Kaya and Scott seemed to be everywhere giving lots of options to their team mates.

But Harry M took out the coaches award for his consistency, attack on the ball and the goal of the match! Well done, Harry!

Go Power!!