U9 Teal Ruck

U9 Teal Round 6

U9 Teal v East Sydney Bulldogs

Round 6, Drummoyne Oval

Being up against one of the toughest teams in the comp, U9 Teal made a great team effort.  The boys made it hard for Easts to score and put in 100% for a very exciting game.  Well done all of you!

Dylan – Great tackling throughout the game. Definitely worked hard all game.

Conor – Great kicks and an awesome tackle in the 3rd quarter.

Lachlan C – Some fantastic kicks throughout the game.

Caleb – Well done with your behind and some superb kicking.

Ned – Great job in defence and a huge kick got the ball down our end – well done.

Finn – A game full of tackles – great job in defence.

Will R – Good tackle in first quarter and trying to get the ball.

Otto – Scored two goals and took an awesome mark. What a fantastic game!

Lucas – We saw some great kicks today and three very fine tackles. Well done.

Max – Had the best catch of the day and took some great tackles.

Will W –  Was in the thick of it all game and took a great mark, too.

Gus – Great defence with some fabulous catches, too.

Tiger – (U9 Black) thanks for your help today and your great goal and three behinds.

U9 Teal tackle