U9 Teal v West, Round 4

U9 Teal v Wests

Round 4, Saturday 30 April 2016

Picken Oval

It was a wet morning with the sun trying hard to poke through the clouds.  The field was huge! U9 Teal were warmed up and looking forward to showing how well they can play on such a massive field.

The team played extremely well with every player listening to coach John from the sidelines. Declan B worked relentlessly in the centres running hard with the ball along with our Captain of the day, Alexander D who worked hard to get the ball to our forwards.

Our forwards were on fire, especially Callum C who took a couple of amazing marks right in front of our goals and scored three goals for us over the duration of the game. Tremendous effort! Tom C showed great sportsmanship when he kicked the ball to team mate, Ethan D who scored a goal.  Ethan D took an amazing mark from Tom C’s kick and was able to score some points for the team as well. Tom C also was very strong in defence working tirelessly in the backs. Every where you looked there was Tom C chasing that ball!

The impressive marks just kept coming, with Tom N taking a few and one in front of the opposition goals! He was able to get the ball back to the centres with a huge kick and a goal as well in quarter four. Excellent effort!

Scott W put good pressure on the opposition when he was in forwards and narrowly missed the goals from a big strong kick from the sideline.  Scott W was really effective in the centres, working well with his team mates Milan S and Sean G.  These boys were focussed and hungry for the ball.  Harry M showed his usual energy, especially in the centre, showing great skill in the ruck.

Impressive tackling by Ethan N and Nick C helped the team maintain momentum.  These boys also scored goals, one to Ethan N and two to Nick C, one of which curved at the last second!

Overall it was an impressive game to watch with the boys putting in their best performance of the season! Congratulations to Callum C, our Man of the Match.  Good Luck for the rest of the season boys!

U9 Teal