U9 Teal Match Report Round 2

Drummoyne Power U9 Teal

Round 2 v Glebe

It was beautiful summer’s day for our second hit-out of the season against the Glebe Greyhounds. It was an away game at Jubilee Park and the field was small, making for a tight, congested game. Many of the boys were ready for tackling last year and they relished the opportunity to get physical. We have some new team members who have joined us and they have slotted right into the group.

Lucas  is one of the new boys and he was a real contributor on Saturday. He was always getting himself involved and gave great effort.

Tom is a reliable player who brought his usual game to the park. He does his best work at either end of the ground – both forwards and backs. He showed some dash on the weekend.

Sean is a developing player who is learning the skills of the game. He fought out a tough day.

Nicholas collected possessions like he was the only boy on the park. He was effective with the ball, always looking to set up a team mate. He kicked two goals in a terrific display.

Callum is a good pick up for our team. He took a nice mark and laid some good tackles and was effective in the ruck. He did his best work in the centres and also kicked a goal.

Ethan N. says he loves tackling and this was obvious. His tackling pressure was excellent – in some passages of play Ethan put in multiple tackles before winning the ball himself. He also kicked two goals.

Alexander  showed good temperament on Saturday – the ball did not always bounce his way but he kept on going in there to make the most of his opportunities.

Declan  put in a solid effort and kept on trying for the day. He kept himself involved in the play in all areas of the ground.

Kaya  is new to AFL and shows some promise. He showed some good signs and does not look to be shy of a physical contest.

Thomas was best in the forwards where he can cause some headaches for the opposition. His height is an advantage that he is still learning to use.

Scott brought his usual intensity to the game. He used his speed to create space in a rather congested game and was always focused on getting the ball.

Milan  is small in stature but he displayed his courage in a physical encounter. He is still learning the skills of the game and we will see his best later in the season.

The team has some talent, so we look forward to the rest of the season. The Coach’s award goes to Lucas for being so determined! Well done, Lucas.