U9 Silver v W Suburbs White at Goddard Oval 27/6/15

Under 9 Silver v Western Suburbs White

Round 9: Goddard Oval, Concord

Great weather, great team effort and great game.

1st quarter started off great, with Xabi kicking down to his forwards on the first touch of the ball. From there, there were some great fends, from Jasper V and Alex C, topped off by some excellent tackles from Fionn and Miles M. Sam also placed in an outstanding run and kick.

2nd Quarter saw Jacob step up and take up the role of moving the ball forward, with a great kick out of goals, back up the field. He didn’t stop there, with a great mark and pushing momentum forward with ever touch of the ball. Xabi helped with back up with 2 tackles. Angus contributed with a great run. Jasper V copped an injury, but shook it off to continue the game including a tackle. Special mention for Miles E with a great pick up and handball. Jasper C placed a beautiful wrap around tackle, on a fast moving opposition player from a standing start.

3rd quarter was by far the best quarter of the game. Again Jacob dominating, with marks, runs, tackles and kicks as well as combining with Xabi for a kick and mark. Miles M placed a confident kick down the field. The boys in defence, were outstanding 3rd quarter, keeping the opposition frustrated. Angus placed in a great tackle, slowing the momentum of the W Suburbs team.

4th Quarter, saw Miles M have 2 big attempts for goal, Gabriel played well and Jasper V made an outstanding mark. Sam placed in a ‘dog with a bone’ type tackle, resulting ion the opposition handing over possession. However, while it took 3 quarters into his first game, to get his head around the game, young Fox, found his rhythm by the fourth quarter, and had a blinder. 3 pick up’s, 3 kicks and 3 tackles. Job well done Fox


By far the best game of the year. Great effort by all the boys.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Special mentions to all members of the team. One of the best games of the year so far.

Goal kickers

Alex C, Jasper C and Hamish all picked up goals. With Gabriel, Angus, Miles E and Sam all kicking behinds.