U9 Silver v Maroubra Black: 30 May

Drummoyne U9 Silver vs Maroubra Black

Drummoyne Oval, Saturday 30 May

Weather: Fine and mild.

1st Quarter.
Started strong with Alex kicking a fast early goal for a positive good start. The rest of the quarter soon became a big defensive struggle as Maroubra attacked continuously scoring 3 goals. Fantastic defensive efforts by Lukas and Fionn.

2nd Quarter.
A good even quarter as both teams tried to get it over the other. A great goal by Xabi and 3 points also kicked kept us in the game. And good manning up made things difficult for our opponents. Unfortunately Maroubra were too strong this quarter out kicking us with 2 goals.

3rd Quarter.
The boys lost their mojo in the 3rd unfortunately and Maroubra flexed its skill and consistency. A slow quarter for us saw us a little out run and scoreless. Maroubra kicking 1 goal and a point to push themselves a little further ahead. Strong performances by Xabi, Jacob and Fionn made them work for it.

4th Quarter
A better quarter for the team with lots of players getting involved. Great marks by Alex, Jacob,Fionn and Xabi. Some great tacking by Fionn and Xabi. and some fantastic kicking by Angus, Alex, Gabriel, and Miles proved the boys were not giving up without a fight.
A little bunching up and scoring 1 point to Maroubras 2 goals 1 point by the time the final whistle blew saw the game go to Maroubra. But a good contest all the way through. All the boys chipped in and should be proud of their efforts today.

Final score Maroubra 8 goals 3 points
Drummoyne Power 2 goals 4 points.

You’ll get them next time boys. Remember to work with each other as a team. Go Drummoyne!!