U9 Black v Wests, Round 4

U9 Black v Wests

Picken Oval, Round 4

What started out a drizzly fresh morning soon heated up with the U9 Blacks taking on the Western Suburb Magpies at Picken Oval, Ashbury.

The game started with a lot of energy from our boys, and defence was the highlight from the outset as our boys displayed skill and enthusiasm with their tackling. Moses, Joshua H and Finley stepped up with some outstanding defence in the quarter and the entire match.

In what seemed like a big and wide field we had ever played on (…it was more of a big circle than an oval!), the boys’ fitness was going to be a key factor in who outplayed each other! Our boys got into a nice rhythm in the second quarter, Finn was all over the game and into everything displaying great tackling and passing supported by some great kicks by Oliver. This team work paid off with points scored by Rafferty and Leon!

Third quarter was highlighted again by some great defence and some excellent team work to set Leon up for a fantastic goal. The boys from Western Suburbs were still applying the pressure and we did well to contain them with some great tackles by all the team. Not to mention an outstanding mark by Marlowe and a spoiled incoming goal from the Magpies by Lachlan.

The last quarter had to be a good one, we were down but not out – Drummoyne Black delivered the best Quarter of the match. Some skillful teamwork play set Matthew up to slot a six pointer in the early minutes of the whistle blowing to start play. Boom…..here comes The Power!!! Our momentum lifted, our enthusiasm and fitness prevailed over the tiring opposition. We kept hustling, tackling, running and passing when Josh O kicked a great goal to finish up.

After oranges, grapes and watermelon from Michelle, our boys were pumped and finished an interesting morning singing the team song ‘loud and proud’ in honour of coach David who was away for the weekend. Special shout out to assistant coaches Tom and Matthew who stepped up and displayed awesome leadership in Round 4.

Pics via Sibon and Michelle C. Click into the first image and you can scroll through, either in preview size, or at full screen.