U9 Black v Wests

U9 Black v Western Suburbs Magpies: Match Report

U9 Black v Western Suburbs Magpies, 16 May 2015, Picken Oval

1st Quarter

It was a great day for footy with the sun shining and a strong breeze blowing across the ground. The game started off with intensive pressure from the boys and some good tackling in the middle from the first bounce by Lachlan C. who got a good clearance out of the middle which he passed to Denver who took off with and with a bounce made our first play deep into the forward line.

This resulted in a shot on goal by Luke which just fell short but was backed up by Russell who was firing from the warm up today and he also took a shot on goal which resulted in a point and our first score on the board.

The pressure was on the player with the ball all game and this resulted in a free kick to William I. after some great in and under work in the pack. A good kick forward from this free had the ball back in our forward line again with the ball being roved brilliantly off hands by William M. to keep the ball up in our half of the ground and sustaining the pressure on the magpies who were struggling to repel our attacks.

Jackson was then in the thick of the action as he was for most of the game trying to feed the ball out of the pack to our outside players.

When the ball came out of the forward line, our boys were set up across the middle to rebound straight back into the forwards and with a great switch across the middle by Denver we were back in for another scoring opportunity.

When the ball managed to get past the middle of the ground and into our defensive end, Harrison was again working hard with the rest of the backs which resulted in a free kick to him and a good kick back to the midfield.

Toby D. was applying great tackling pressure through the middle and was imposing himself on the game with support from Damien and Luke who linked up a play of handballs through the middle to get another forward opportunity which was beaten by the siren signalling the end of the 1st Quarter.

A great start to the game by the whole team with the score at Drummoyne 0.1.1 to Magpies 0.0.0.

2nd Quarter

After a quick drink, some encouraging words from the Coach and a change of ends, the boys were back into it maintaining the same pressure across the ground that they started in the 1st Quarter.

Duke, Luke and Damien combined beautifully for a clearance out of the middle which was turned over and allowed the opposition a rare movement into their forward line which was met by Russell who gathered, did a brilliant blind turn out of trouble and cleared a kick forward which found it’s way to Damien who marked in the back pocket.

The ball was caught in the midfield and after a ball up, Russell was again involved with a tap out of the ruck to Denver who was racking up the bounces across the midfield and sent another penetrating kick forward. The opposition backs were working overtime and managed to get the ball back to the midfield but due to some fantastic tackling pressure from Luke he caught his opposition player holding the ball and was ready to send the ball back forward.

Toby started to get busy in the pack and when William I. had a great clearance from a stoppage his kick forward found Harrison who worked hard to get the ball to Lachlan C who goaled with our first major on the board.

After the bounce, William M. and Duke combined to get the ball forward again where Harrison had created space over the back and with his shot on goal was unlucky to miss and registered a point on the board.

A solid quarter by the boys with the scoreboard now seeing Drummoyne Black on 1.2.8 against a solitary goal by the Magpies 1.0.6.

3rd Quarter

Denver was imposing himself again through the middle and he started the quarter off with a great piece of tap work in the ruck which landed in Lachlan C. hands followed by another penetrating kick forward.

Lochlan D. was applying consistent pressure in the forward line to keep the ball locked in and through a great tackle got the opposition holding the ball which allowed a shot on goal that just fell short.

William I. was working hard with Jackson and Toby which resulted in a great goal on the run by Lochlan D which lifted the whole team who were starting to dominate all over the ground.

Harrison got a good tap out the middle to Duke who passed to Denver to clear the ball from the middle and into the forward line where Lochlan D. bobbed up again with great roving off the hands and a second goal for the quarter.

The ball went back to the centre where the boys through Jackson and Harrison got the ball back down to Lochlan D. who was unstoppable and had another shot on goal which registered a behind and took his tally for the quarter to 2 goals 1 point.

Denver who was drifting across the middle sent the ball forward and via Damien the kick was sent to Cooper on the lead who was pushed in the back and got a free out in the forward pocket. The shot on goal fell short but the pressure remained to keep the ball up forward and Cooper followed up his kick and through his pressure the ball spilled to Lochlan D. who was looking for another shot on goal but was beaten by the siren.

The defensive pressure by Russell and Damien throughout this quarter along with Lachlan C who by this stage was gathering an impressive number of possessions around the ground restricted the opposition to a single goal and the score at 3 quarter time saw the Power on 3.3.21 to the Magpies 2.0.12.

4th Quarter

A final rev up by the Coach had the boys ready to bring home a strong effort and a full 4 quarter game.

Luke started the quarter off with a clearance out of the middle to William M. who managed a quick handpass to William I who lifted his eyes and sent the ball forward to Denver. Denver spotted up Cooper who was running his opposition around the forward 50 and when the ball spilled and was gathered by the opposition, Cooper applied a strong tackle and received a holding the ball free kick.

Cooper sent the ball towards goal but again fell short and was sent out of the forward line by the Magpies. Lachlan C. who was busy racking up kicks and intercept marks across the middle passed the ball to Duke who hand passed to Jackson and the ball was sent straight back to our forward line where Cooper took a strong chest mark and lined up right in front of the big sticks.

His shot sailed close to the goal post and with the technology of a goal review it might have registered as a goal but the goal umpire who was closest to the action signalled a point and a kick in by the Magpies got things back underway.

Damien, Luke and Jackson were again combining with the brilliant tackling pressure of Lochlan D. to create pressure at the stoppage. Lachlan C. who was untouchable passed with great skills off the left foot to Denver for another kick forward where William I. and William M. worked well together to get the ball to Jackson to keep the ball going forward.

The final siren went and the boys were spent. The combined team pressure all over the ground saw the final score at Drummoyne Black: 3.4.22 to the Magpies: 2.0.12.


A great team effort by the boys with the highlights being the increased talking around the field, fantastic tackling pressure and the team starting to transition the training exercises from Wednesday night to look for a player in space.

The coaches encouragement award this week went to Cooper and special mention goes to Lachlan C., Lochlan D., Denver, Luke, William I. and Russell who played out of his skin in the first half.