U9 Black v Wests Magpies

Drummoyne Black U9 v Wests Magpies

1 August 2015

A great game, in whichWests tried hard, Drummoyne just had all the answers today.

From the opening bounce in which Harrison knocked to Denver – Wests were under the pump. The scoring started when Damien grabbed onto a big kick forward from Luke to goal. Indi made a big leap and tap at the re-start, the ball again headed forward to Denver for his first. Zak was everywhere, Luke and Lachie C continued to push it forward and Denver goaled again. Jackson and Indi applied great forward line pressure and Damien snaffled another one after a Zak handball. Our poor old backs – Lochlan D, Will I, Toby and Cooper did not get a kick as the ball did not get past the forward line.

The second quarter more of the same. the two Lochies (Lochie C and Lochie D) should have been renamed the PackLock’s as they kept the ball forward of our centre. One play when Lock D tapped to Lock C who passed to Zak who passed to Luke was notable. Zak grab another forward thrust and goaled. A kick from Wests threatened to get it forward but Lock D smothered, Will I gathered and passed to Toby who pushed it forward. Down there Cooper (completely fresh from his first quarter down back) grabbed it passed to Lock D who went to Zak who passed to Will M – Goal. Great defence by Luke around the half forward flank led to the first of Lock C’s two goals. Harrison and Will also created the pressure that lead to Harrison’s Goal. The backline of Damien, Jackson and Indi rested their legs for a big second half.

The second half opened with a Denver tap to Will M who tackled the ball from West to get it going. Where did it go. Forward to Will I who kicked the first of his haul of three goals. His second started with Denver, knocked to Lock C whilst his third was Denver kicking to him this time. The play of the day was a series of marked passes – Lock C to Denver to Lock D to Jackson to Cooper to Will to Zak. Indi kept knocking the ball forward to advantage whilst Toby showed us his strength – getting in the middle of packs. Denver and Will M the goal scorers. Damien and Harrison stopped any chance of the ball going back.

Like North Melbourne in the 1977 Grand Final – our final quarter saw handball take off. Great team work by all with the PackLocks, Damien and Zak holding the backline free of West kicks, rebounding everything. In the centre Jackson and Toby just bustled in for everything. Luke and Will M continually took the ball forward. Harrison knocked to Indi whose grab and go left the opposition wondering just where he had gone. Harrison continually applied great forward pressure.

What a game. Congratulations to all