U9 Black v Newtown

U9 Black v Newtown Swans, Round 10

Drummoyne Power U9 Black v Newtown Swans

Round 10, Alan Davidson Oval

On Saturday June 18, the Drummoyne U9 Blacks took on the team from the Newtown Swans in sunny but soggy conditions at Alan Davidson Oval.

It was a dominant performance from the Drummoyne team from the first bounce. The boys all worked together brilliantly as a team, managing to take control of possession and the game for all four quarters. It was definitely one of the best performances seen from the team, with contributions from every player and loads of individual highlights.

The first quarter was led by strong play from Finley in the forward line, with great marking, intercepts and tackling, culminating in the team’s first goal early on. He was well supported by Rafferty who kept the pressure on and was unlucky with several close shots on goal, before scoring a goal in the third term. Another great performance came from Moses who demonstrated tough tackling, and fast breaks through the whole match; his hard work rewarded with two goals for the game.

The second and third terms saw tough performances by Keshaan, especially in his brilliant work in the ruck and superb tackling, which helped his teammates score against the run of play. Good support was provided in the midfield by Yam who consistently played in front and kept the ball moving forward. Oliver was an outstanding player in the backs and midfield, always marking the opposition closely and with the best handballing during the match.

Marlowe was excellent in clearing the ball from the packs. He proved too tough to tackle and quick to score, resulting in two goals for the game. Leon was an unstoppable force in all quarters, marking and scoring several goals and helping set up others. Lachlan and Finn worked very well together in the forward line, combining Lachlan’s good marking and tackling efforts to turn over the ball and regain possession, and Finn’s speed and accuracy in front of goal, resulting in a great goals from both boys.

Best marking of the day came from Josh O who led from in front all day, was amazingly quick and scored a bag of goals to boot. Josh H also played one of his best matches ever, both in the back and the forward line, scoring a fantastic goal with only seconds to go in the match – helping the team reach their first century score. Great game and great day for all!

Star of the match: Rafferty

1 Percenter of the match: Keshaan

U9 Black v Newtown

U9 Black v Newtown