U9 Black v Newtown

U9 Black v Newtown

Round 3, Five Dock Park

When the match report sheet ends the game looking like a soggy wet tissue, you know you’ve:

A: experienced wet weather footy, and

B: pretty much got to rely on your memory of the game to write the match report.

So it is fortunate, then, that U9 Black played such a memorable game. Seriously, I think we’re going to turn the sprinklers on these kids from now on as they played so well in the wet.

1. First up has to be THAT TACKLE by Matt. It was perfect and would have made the highlight reel for a senior club, let alone a junior team in its first year of tackling. You couldn’t have made Coach David’s smile any broader.

2. We’ve got to mention Leon’s back to back goals. (2-2 for the match.) That kicking school during the week was a great investment and Leon “owned” the field during a couple of quarters.

3.  Just as well it was raining because Lachlan was ON FIRE. In the first quarter he was everywhere, doing everything. Great passing. Great skills and contributed to the scoreboard with a couple of points.

4. Finley’s brilliant goal. The ground was wet. The ball was heavy. It wasn’t pretty. But it worked. And the parents went wild on the sidelines. We’ll have to call him the ever-ready bunny because he just keeps on going – always with the second and third efforts.

5. Keshaan is really starting to think about his game – he’s making the smart choices when he gets kicks. He’s also a pretty awesome tackler.

6. Josh can use his height to win the centre taps and he’s not afraid to get in there and get physical. Kicking improved a lot this week.

7. Oliver. Love this kid’s resilience. He’s not going to let something unexpected stop him. Gutsy game today, Oliver.

8. Raff. Always a classy player, this kid played a real captain’s game. Strategic. Effective. One of our team players of the week.

9. His real name might be Marlowe, but I’m calling him “Mr Everywhere”: 1-3 on the scoreboard and he got Power out of trouble more times than I could count.

10. Another memorable moment was a particular ball-up by Yam. He placed it perfectly to Marlowe, who passed it onto Raff. Beautiful banana kick that was unlucky not to make it through the sticks. I reckon it would have, if the ball hadn’t been so heavy.

The lesson from this game was to ‘man up’. When we left them free, they scored so we’re going to work on those transitions from offences to defence.

Thanks to everyone for turning up – it was so much more fun than being warm and dry, wasn’t it??

The score section of my match report is just too washed out from rain to give accurate figures, but I can see there were multiple scoring shots for Marlowe, Leon, Lachlan and Rafferty, while Finley also contributed with a great goal, and Josh with a point.

We’ve got some great pics from the game right here, from Josh (while he was off for the first quarter, playing with Mum’s camera) and Sibon. Click into the first image and you’ll be able to scroll through, view at full screen, and download.