U9 Black

Drummoyne U9 Black v Newtown Gold, ADO

Drummoyne Power U9 Black v Newtown Gold, Alan Davidson Oval

Well there was significant time spent pre match strategising about which direction to kick if we won the toss.  A consensus view could not be reached – in fact there were at least five different opinions if that could be possible.  If they don’t make it as AFL players there will be a role for them in parliament!  Finally agreement was reached that we would defer the decision pending the outcome of the toss as we would probably lose it anyhow.  We won the toss.  The captain Harrison took the initiative though and boldly elected to kick to the western end of the Trapeziod shape that was posing as an oval.  It was a dead calm day but if there was any wind it was probably headed north so good call.  At least not a bad one.

From that moment on it did admittedly go downhill and not just because we were located on the drainage side of the oval.  Newtown Gold were a force to be reckoned with – especially in the red and white guernseys.  We assumed some had gold fillings.  We weren’t game to check.  The first quarter was tightly contested with the Power having more scoring shots than Newtown.  We don’t keep scores so no need to mention that all their scores were goals and ours were points.  That said the effort from Cooper was worth of a ‘super’ point if ever there was one.  Lochy D though was superb (as he was throughout the day) and seemed to be everywhere.  Luke also was omnipresent and in the thick of all the action.  Harrison must have had five handballs as he attempted to move it out of the centre quickly.  Denver was also a solid contributor with a number of strong marks.

The second quarter saw Drummoyne put a couple of goals on the scoreboard (if there was one).  They weren’t just goals they were GREAT goals from Damien and Denver.  In fact we followed up with a couple of goals in the next two quarters as well.  Lochy D contributing two, Denver another and a great snap from Will I.  That’s another 30 minutes credit on the iPad, Will (just in case you needed it in writing for your Mum and Dad).

Toby was resolute throughout the game with some telling contests and handballs especially in defence.  William M was notable across all quarters with a telling mark in the third especially.  Jackson also chimed in with a huge mark in the last term.  Thankfully he marked it without incident (and nonchalantly of course) because it was coming from such a great height there was ice on it.  Finally Indi has to get a special mention for his huge one percenter of a smother and then a tackle against all odds that saved a certain goal.

Overall it was a tough game but the boys showed great persistence, determination and most importantly, commitment to the team  and the mighty Drummoyne Power colours!  Best on ground award to them all!