U9 Black v East Sydney White

U9 Black v East Sydney White

Drummoyne Oval – 25 July 2015

After a washed out game last week, what an amazing morning for footy! But East Sydney White weren’t going to let us enjoy it. Their first goal came after 90 seconds and set the scene for a tough morning for the Power.

The first quarter saw constant attacks from Easts, calling for endless defence and scrapping from the entire Power team. Easts held us scoreless for the first 9 minutes….until Denver collected a mark along the left sideline. A well timed kick to Damien finding his own space near the box, then sending the ball through the middle of the big sticks! Superb football, and just what coach Warwick has been asking. Easts attached again, and would have scored another quick goal if not for the reaching fingertips of Lochlan, who saved another goal. A tough first quarter Power 1-0-6 Easts 2-2-14.

Easts didn’t let up in the second quarter.  A cracking shot on goal by Lucas unlucky to be deemed a behind, and then an onslaught of attacks by Easts, putting pressure on our entire team. Toby, Cooper and William I. were kept busy tacking and fighting for the ball. Luke unlucky with a few big tackles deemed high, and handing the ball back. Easts scored 7 times this quarter, but only one of them a goal, reflecting the amount of defence and pressure that Power had to commit to. Standout plays were Damien’s save between the posts – denying Easts another goal, and a huge kick marked by Toby mid field. Power 1-1-7 Easts 3-8-26.

The third quarter provided more of the same. Harrison, Will M and Indiana kept busy scrambling for the ball, amid unrelenting attacks by the red, white and blue. Russell, Duke and Jackson also tireless in defence. This quarter we defended because we had to and kept Easts to scoring 1-1. But our attack needed improving as we went scoreless. Coach Warwick’s theory was that we didn’t want to ‘hurt’ the ball and he reassured the boys that the ball would survive even if we kicked it hard. Third quarter score Power 1-1-7 Easts 4-9-33.

The last quarter started with a costly error, and Easts pouncing like cats – not bulldogs. Luke took a great mark but a long shot on goal fell short. Lochlan and Damien played a standout quarter, but the play of the game came halfway through. Lucas clearing from the backs to Denver in mid-field. Another long kick marked by Will M just outside the goal square, and a great long range scoring shot. This sort of play was again, just what coach Warwick was asking for…the length of the field in three kicks through smart kicking and great marking. The opposing attacks kept coming and our backline was a flurry of numbers – 23, 27, 29 (William I, Jackson, Duke) providing solid defence. Final score Power 1-2-8 Easts 6-11-47.

Every one of the Power boys played 100% this week, and there were many good individual efforts, but we lost some focus connecting with each other and that’s what wins games. Overall, Coaches special mention goes to both Damien and Lochlan.