U9 Black v Concord Giants Sumner – 30 May 2015

Under 9 Drummoyne Black, Round 6, 30 May 2015
Drummoyne Black v Concord Sumner Giants
The U9 Black team were up against local rivals in Concord Giants, played at the best AFL ground in the competition. The home ground advantage along with some superb handpassing, tackling and strong defence by Power would prove the match winner.

The U9 Black team took to the field with a couple of reserves this week with Jackson away, Harrison suffering from a school playground injury and a few of the team battling the cold and flu.

Quarter 1
The first quarter saw great determination in the tackling led by our captain for the day Cooper. Lochlan D was very solid in defence and after a free kick from a great tackle found Lachlan C who was able to move the ball forward and find Lucas. Lucas scored the team’s first goal after a great kick that never looked in doubt.
There was great team work displayed by Damien, Denver and Zachary who linked up to move the ball from the backline to the forwards finding Lucas who passed the ball off to Cooper who was unlucky not to find the scoreboard.
William I played well linking with Denver, finding Duke in the centres supported by William M who was able to move the ball forward, however the tight defence by the opposition reduced our scoring opportunities.

Q1 Score:
Drummoyne: 1-1-7
Concord 0-1-1

Quarter 2
The second quarter saw Zachary continue his fantastic running and obtain plenty of ball. Zachary was able to link up with Russell to move the ball providing our forwards with plenty of ball. Lachlan C took a superb mark in the forwards, a nice shot at goal just missing a major, but keeping the scoreboard moving. William M also had a shot at goal along with Denver and Damien who were peppering the goals but unable to find the line.

Luke was playing well supporting his team along with Toby who is becoming a strong tackler and is prepared to take the opposition on.
The second quarter also saw our courageous captain come from the field with a bleeding nose, only to return moments later to continue leading the team.
Q2 Score:
Drummoyne: 1-4-10
Concord: 1-1-7

Quarter 3
The third quarter saw fantastic handpassing from the backline through Damien and Zachary finding Luke in the forwards, who was awarded a free kick from a high tackle, Luke kicked truly, for the teams second goal.
Lucas, Lochlan D, Cooper, William M and Zachary continued their tremendous tackling Lachlan C, Damien and Denver were solid in defence reducing the opposition to a point in the quarter.
Russell was providing options in the forward line with an attempt at goal unfortunately missing however he was determined to keep the ball down in the forward line.
Q3 Score:
Drummoyne: 2-4-16
Concord: 1-2-8

Quarter 4
The two Williams continued their consistency with great team work along with Toby and Duke. Lucas, Zachary, Lachlan C were providing options across the ground and Lachlan C as always was taking marks against taller opposition and putting his body on the line.
Denver suffered a head clash in the last quarter but was able to continue his strong performance.
A highlight of the fourth quarter was Lochlan D’s strong defence in the backline, with many marks and strong kick outs from the goal square.
Q4 Score:
Drummoyne: 2-6-18
Concord: 1-3-9
Goal Scorers: Lucas (1), Luke (1)
A very entertaining game of football with a facet of skills on display, a great performance by the entire team lead by Cooper this week with strong performances by Lachlan C, Lochlan D, Denver, Lucas, Zachary and Damien.

Congratulations to Russell for being awarded the Coach’s encouragement award this week.

Thank you to all the volunteers on canteen, BBQ, goal umpiring and assistance provided to coach Warwick with the team warm-up.
A big thank you to Lucas B and Zachary N who played for the U9 Black team this week.