U9 Black, Round 6

U9 Black v Maroubra Black

Round 6, Saturday 14 May, Heffron Park

The u9 Black team headed south to Heffron Park on Saturday to meet the Maroubra Blacks. It was a challenging game for the team, with the Maroubra side showing great defence through the game but that didn’t stop every one of our boys putting in their best effort!

Yam showed enthusiasm around the ball and ruck. With some nice hit outs when in the ruck.

Finley took a strong run to break a tackle in the first quarter.

Oliver supported his team well through the game with some defensive plays and never ending effort.

Keshaan played out a great spoil in the fourth quarter and a nice tap out in the ruck.

Moses played with high energy in attack and defence and in particular kicked an awesome lead to a mark and goal.

Joshua H kept up the strong tackles and used his size effectively at all times to support the team play.

Matthew’s enthusiasm in hard attacking and defence in quarter 1 was worthy and he finished off the last quarter with 3 nice hand passes!

Rafferty supported the play as always and tried his best in defence, he also had a nice smother in a crucial time that turned the ball over.

Lachlan – a real powerhouse display through the middle of the ruck and a high possession count!

Finn took a stellar goal in quarter 3 and picked up every loose ball like it was a bag of lollies.

Joshua O played a solid all round game with accurate marks and kicking to team mates along with a strong goal!

Leon played particularly strong in defence and took a super mark in the last quarter.

Marlowe was our powerhouse defender in the first quarter and again finished the last quarter with strong effort with tackles and possessions.

The Black POWER kept us going….great effort boys. Never give up!