U9Black v Glebe

U9 Black Round 2


Round 2 v Glebe Greyhounds at Jubilee Oval

9 April 2016

The U9 Blacks powered through the game against Glebe at Jubilee Oval with strong possession of the ball through all quarters. Caleb and Otto kindly stepped in for holidaying members Marlowe and Oliver.  Otto showed excellent sportsmanship chasing down the ball and driving it forward with every opportunity he had.  Caleb demonstrated strong marking skills and a few close goals in the first quarters completely undermining the opposition. Keshaan continued to show a keen focus for the ball (where does he get it from?!) and tackles fearlessly, which strengthened the u9 Blacks game.

While the U9 was dominating the game in the first 2 quarters, coach David challenged the team to show even better team work. The U9 Blacks did not disappoint with Moses showing excellent midfield play applying pressure, supported by good marks and excellent kicking to his team mates. He made a defining pass to Josh O that led to a goal and delivered his own impressive goal in Q3. Josh O used his excellent speed to break out into the wings creating opportunities for the Black team. He was particularly impressive around the ruck ready to grab the ball and move it forward with well aimed kicking. In this quarter, Yam also delivered an excellent tap out from the ruck straight into the hands of his team mate Matthew.

Finley made a hat trick of marks on the day but the best to watch happened in Q3 followed by an excellent pass to Lachlan. Another powerhouse of marksmanship was demonstrated by Rafferty which led to yet another goal for the U9 team. Josh H has taken to tackling like a fish to water wearing down Glebe in the moments that counted with strong defensive play.

Leon also listened to coach David with some good passing and kicking to team mates in Q3. However, he had one goal up his sleeve in Q4 that would make for one VERY happy coach. It came from mid field kicked with such power landing bang in the middle! Go Power!


In conclusion, an impressive day and game for the U9 Blacks. The strength of this team is when the coach talks, the team listens shown by much improved tackling from the previous game and impressive team work in this one. If they continue as they are they will be unstoppable this season!

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Star of the Match – Josh O

Goal of The Match – Leon

1 percenter of the Match – Finley

Team player of the Match – Moses