U9 Match Report – Round 1 (18 April 2015)

Round 1 – U9 Black Match Report

Great first week from the boys – it was pretty clear they were excited to be out there and they all chased the ball and tackled their way to Drummoyne maintaining control of the game.  As a result, each of the boys tended to put in a strong showing when they were in either the centre of the forwards.

First half

Luke got his new team off to a good start by picking up a loose ball and passing in a single motion to a free Damien who ran strongly towards the goal for the first of his 3 majors in a single quarter. Luke also picked out an unmarked Denver with a couple of accurate kicks.  Denver converted both of these opportunities with good kicks from the sideline.

Toby and Lochy C. also chipped in with really good running pick-ups and then quick shots for goal.

William and Cooper were also real stand-outs in the first half with each getting several good touches of the ball.  They both also took strong marks, steadied themselves and kicked long goals.

The defenders didn’t really get much of a chance with the ball during the first half but they were all very focused on marking their Newtown opponents.  Every half-chance Newtown had seemed to be stamped out very quickly.

Second half

Lachy D. started us off well in the second-half and seemed to be in the right places at the right time through-out the half – lots of the good handballs and kicks and some good running with the ball.

With this momentum, we peppered their goals relentlessly throughout the third quarter.  Newtown really struggled with their handballs and accurately kicking out our behinds, this allowed both Russell and Lucas to take over a dozen intercepts and marks.  On the few occasions where the ball hit the ground and the contest was on, Duke was always there to grab the ball or the man.

With the exception of one poor tackle, when Jackson got crushed, the tackling was done fairly by all the boys on the field.  To his credit, Jackson soldiered on bravely and continued to mark his man out of the game.

The real goal saving tackles during the last part of the game were done by William, Denver and Lochy D.

Congratulations to Luke who was awarded the Coach’s award this week for an outstanding ‘first’ game of AFL.

Congrats to all the boys – you handled your first real game of AFL for the season well.