U9 Black v Moore Park Tigers Yellow

U9 Black v Moore Park Tigers Yellow

Drummoyne Oval, 11 July 2015

Game day started out with a frosty foggy morning, but when the siren blasted for the first quarter the boys were psyched and ready. The game was mainly run down the wings and first long mark was achieved by Lochlan (19).

Indiana (21) played a hard quarter running the ball up the centre. Defence was tight and tackles were consistent keeping the opposing team on their game. Denver (20) was in the action at all time solid kicks and intercepts. Great play from Lochlan who took a diving mark in front of goals, kicking on to Harrison who off loaded to Luke taking the ball up the wing and away from danger.  With all the effort from the team, the boys were just warming up and the first quarter went to the away team.

Second quarter was run much like the first the team getting into speed. Most of this quarter was played in defence. Under pressure credit goes to the backs – with Lochlan again taking the ball to ground in front of goals, blocking a free kick & quickly passing Lochlan to William to Harrison . we had runs of Cooper passing off to Damien kicking to William taking a mark in the centre. Denver again on the ball whenever in his reach & making plenty of opportunities. Towards the end of this quarter we had Lochlan kick to Denver who passed off to Damien kicking a point.

Jackson in a close tackle causing a throw … picked up by Damien passed to  Luke and another point. Finishing just behind opposition.

Third quarter, 4 minutes in it was neck and neck after Lachlan puts pressure on and gets the ball to Denver who sinks it dead centre for goal. Indiana not long after gets another goal. The teamwork skills showing when a run of Cooper passed to Luke to Lachlan C to Lochlan D to Denver who kicks it in from the wing for a goal.

Indie marks the ball in front of goals and scores.

Fourth quarter the boys don’t take the pressure of the away side with passing and tackling playing a strong side of our boys. Luke – I am calling the tackle master – taking the ball and clearing to the wing, Cooper to Lochlan to Harrison. This quarter finishes off strong with Denver scoring more goals, great tackles & hand balling from everyone. Each player standing firm on their opposites and getting deep into the tackles when pressure was on.
The games are getting faster and are very enjoyable to watch. The boys play hard & fair becoming a very close net team!

Great effort by everyone – special mentions to the man of the match Denver,  special mention  to Lochlan & Lachlan

Goal kickers: Denver, Harrison, Luke, Cooper