U8 Silver – Match Report

Under 8 Silver vs U8 Whites

Round One: Five Dock

Both teams were very evenly matched and displayed a wide array of skills that must have been honed and developed in the off season!! The most impressive part of the play from both teams was the teamwork and the communication between the players. And it looked like they were having a lot of fun in their first game of the season.

The Silver Players

Yoshi was everywhere on the day. He kicked, he blocked, he smothered, he ran, he marked, and he well and truly enjoyed himself. The crowd witnessed Yoshi make perhaps one of the biggest clearing kicks from fullback seen at Five Dock. Yoshi showed a lot of athleticism, and team awareness. He always put the team first, particularly if he saw another player in a better position to kick for goal. Yoshi, well done on such a great game!

Will was solid in defence in the first 3rd. Will’s clearing kicks from the back were well directed and long. Will displayed great energy and enthusiasm throughout the game. Will’s excellent goal in the third 3rd was so well deserved, and followed some great lead up work and an excellent hand pass from Jacob. Will’s combination with Yoshi down the right side of the field was also a revelation, and I am sure that was noted by the coach!

Jacob has picked up from where he left off last year. In the first 3rd, Jacob kicked a classic goal off the right foot, after a great catch. Jacob followed up with another goal soon after. In the second 3rd, Jacob showed all round versatility with excellent defensive work. Jacob has vision on the footy field, and this was shown by his hand passing and kicks to team mates such as Yoshi and Will (which led to a goal). Jacob pressured the opponents in defence, and was energetic in the field. Great touches and fantastic work on the ball. Well done Jacob!

Luc had a wonderful game, with great kicks in mid field and an excellent kick for goal in the second 3rd. When he played at fullback, Luc’s clearing kicks were a highlight, particularly the way he directed his kicks out to the flanks. Luc applied great pressure in defence with Charlie in the third 3rd. Luc’s kicking game was really top notch, whether it was kicks to other team mates, or kicks from the back or up the front. Luc is one to watch this season!

Daniel is such a valuable member of the Silvers, because he always follows the ball, he never loses concentration, and he works so well with his team mates, particularly up the middle of the field. He had a great snap for goal in the first 3rd, and followed it up with another excellent goal after receiving an incisive hand pass from Jacob. To show off all of his burgeoning skills, a hand pass from Daniel in the third 3rd capped off a wonderful game! Big things this year, Daniel!

Oliver is the “go to” man of this team. Oliver gets the job done, in defence and in attack. Oliver’s kicks and passes to Riley and Jacob highlighted his busy workload throughout the whole game. Oliver runs fast, and made some wonderful runs up the middle with the ball, which put the team in a great position to score goals. Oliver shows a very good kicking style as well, the way he holds the ball out in front ready to kick the ball down-field. Excellent work Oliver!

Charlie did some excellent calling for the ball when he was in the forwards. He was busy all around the field, and showed some real kicking ability with a big booming attempt at goal in the second 3rd. Not to be denied, Charlie kicked his first goal of the season in the third 3rd, and really got into the tempo of the game. Charlie’s hand pass to a team mate in the third 3rd did not go unnoticed either, and shows great team awareness.

Riley, I looked up those who wore number 3 like you. All I can say, you are in good company. Chris Judd and Michael Voss would have been impressed with your wonderful kick at goal and your hand passing early in the game. Excellent clearing kick from the back in the second 3rd  as well, followed up by more great kicks down the middle of the field. Riley worked very well with his team mates, especially Jacob when it came to hand passing and kicking in general play.


A great start to the season by all who played, both the Silver and the White teams. Well done!


Well done Anthony on your first game as coach! And thank you to the Drummoyne Whites and their coaches and manager for such a wonderful game to watch.