U8 White Round 2

U8 White

Round 2 v Glebe Greyhounds White

Jubilee Oval

Drummoyne went in knowing Glebe Greyhounds have a lot of experience of their side, and Drummoyne White having quite a few new players with lots of energy and enthusiasm. The game was played on a cracking autumn day in fine conditions.

Aiden played well in the forwards in the first term, taking a strong mark, and also performing well in terms 2 and 3.

Ned started the game in the backline and proved to be a strong defender, repelling opposing players and saving more than a goal or two. Had a good sprint to goal in term 2.

Louis started in the forward line and attacked the ball well, creating the best of few opportunities to move the ball within reach of the goals. Was a good all-rounder in terms 2 and 3, as on-baller and in defence.

Benjamin was quick to dispose of the ball with handpassing when under pressure in the centres. In the second term he made several attacks on goal and in the third had some big clearing kicks in centres and forward line.

John stuck to his backline opponent like glue in the first term. In the centres he took every opportunity to take advantage of his position and slotted several attempts towards the forwards.

Lucas was strong in contested marks, battling opposition players with significantly more experience. In term 2 his defence was also strong, keeping his position as man on the mark and getting in several smothers.

Finn was also reliable in smothers in defence and turned over the ball several times, with one solid kick finding Aiden in the centres. Top disposals all round. In the centres he made several goal and marking attempts.

Nash marked well on two occasions to show he was keen to get his hands on the ball. He went in hard and success was often the result, battling opposition players for possession.

Wil wouldn’t let up on the opposition in defence and was in his opponents’ faces most of the time, either through smothers or hassling the opposition to cough up the ball.

Harrison scored top points by finding his mark in our centres and forward line a number of times, including a great kick to Lucas in term 1. He proved his prowess in kicking skills slotting a goal with a barrelling torpedo in term 2. Well done.

Hugo always seemed to be in the mix somewhere with his never-say-die attitude. Playing hard in both defence and attack, Harrison also managed disposals well.

Xavier came in a as sub from the U7s and played a term before being knocked in the face by a ball. Despite being injured be was to play on but was overruled. Brave play.


Despite a strong opposition Drummoyne U8 White managed to judge the measure of their opponents in the first term and played better in terms 2 and 3.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Wil received the coach’s award for his constant energy in defending the often attacked goal square.

Goal kickers