u8 Teal in action

U8 Teal Match Report – Round 2

U8 Teal v Concord Giants: Round Two

Taplin Oval, Drummoyne

A hot day on a damp field made for sweaty U8 boys.

Concord was a great opposition and it was an evenly matched game.

Drummoyne Teal has grown and improved so much since last year. Their kicking and catching skills are stronger and it’s great to see so many keen for the ball.

Ethan, Tom C, Harry and Lucas in Mids kicking to Nicolas, Tom N, Declan and Sean in Forwards and Scott, Alexander, and Zai defending in Backs was a great combination to start the game off. Lucas was very brave coming back on to play after stopping a goal with a ball in the face in the 3rd.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Zai gets the Coach’s award this week for his great run out of defence then handballing to midfield plus two great goals.

Listening intently to our coach at break.

Listening intently to our coach at break.


Thanks to John for umpiring and coaching in such a positive manner and keeping the game flowing fast.