U8 Black v Newtown

U8 Black vs Newtown Swans

U8 Black vs Newtown Swans

Round 10 – 18th June, 2016

Alan Davidson Oval

Duck weather or is it Swan weather?

A damp ground and persistent rain greeted us as we met at Alan Davidson Oval to face off against the Newtown Swans.

It was the first time in three weeks that the team had assembled for a Saturday game as recent weeks have been interrupted with Wet Weather and Royal Birthday celebrations.  The air was cold and crisp and while the enthusiasm was evident in the faces of the boys it was clear there were reservations in running out onto a wet pitch.

These concerns were rapidly dispelled as Coach Eric dived to the ground and started rolling around before the “Ball up”.  “Follow me, boys” cried Eric and soon the entire team were rolling in the mud in preparation for the match ahead.  This clearly set the tone for the match and the U8 Blacks were simply inspired from this moment on.

This was their most outstanding performance of the season and throughout the game the Swans really didn’t get a look in.  The Blacks took control at every phase and fought hard to gain possession.   Passing and moving the ball down the field was truly a team effort and each player maintained strong position throughout the match.  Kicking was well directed and marking of the slippery ball was tremendous.

The team is really beginning to think about moving the ball off the mark, looking for open positions and sharing the ball.  Riley, Max, Tiger and Callum P continue to wrestle and fight  for possession.  Ruby, a late starter this season, threw himself into the match gaining solid possession, making some excellent runs and slotting a goal.

The boot of Tiger gets stronger as the season progresses.  It is evident that even off the field there a few moments when he doesn’t have a ball in his hands.

Xavier, Henry and Zac provide excellent support at the ruck and in the midfield and the defensive wall they throw up clearly stifled the Swans this week.

Ashton continues to provide a solid defensive barrier to the opposition and in attack took control this week and kicked 3 Goals.

Callum P never stops running and was creative in the way he distributed the ball to his team mates ensuring the Blacks remained on the attack.  He was deceptive in the way he stepped off his right foot and kicked with his left to confound the opposition and was rewarded with 4 goals for his efforts.

Our goal scorers this week were Callum P (4), Ashton (3), Riley (3), Max (2), Ruby (1), Zac (1).

This was truly a team effort this week and the excitement of the team was evident in the manner in which they sang the team song after the game.

Eric continues to do an outstanding job with the team and the skills development this year has been tremendous.  With 5 games left the only way is up for the U8 Blacks.

Congratulations everyone on a sensational performance and an entertaining display of Aussie Rules.