U8 Black vs East Sydney Bulldogs (Round 13)

U8 Black vs East Sydney

Round 13, Saturday 23 July, Five Dock Park.

Gone with the Wind!

This season has produced a variety of weather conditions to test our young players.  This week we were tested by Wind.  Some weeks it is difficult to determine whether we are playing AFL or Pokemon Go! as the elements we have to adapt to change continuously.

The change of venue did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the team as the location of the BBQ ensured that the scent of sausage, egg and bacon rolls filled the senses.  Perhaps this was the advantage we were looking for, as the Bulldogs were clearly distracted from their game this week.

This was the fifth, and final time, we lined up against “the Dogs” this year.  On every occasion they have been formidable, well drilled, passionate about their football and most of all determined.  However, the wind this week was in our favor.  It would be unrealistic for me to describe the wind conditions as a gentle zephyr breathing down the pitch.  To see the sideline of parents leaning into the gale was evidence that a stiff westerly was going to be a challenge.  It isn’t often you see a solid roost of the ball resulting in the ball flying backwards but that is indeed what we saw this week.

Coach Eric was out this week and Manager Will took up the mantle to herd the well drilled Blacks through their paces. The team played intelligently using the wind to their advantage. Kicking long and deep with the down wind advantage and running it close when tackling the upwind charge.  The team has really learned to share and distribute the ball  and to defend fiercely when under attack.

There were some tremendous performances yet again this week with Zac running and distributing the ball intelligently and Ruby as always throwing himself into the ball chase and defense.  Callum M, Ben, Callum P, Riley and Max were solid as always collecting a brace of goals and behinds between them. Xavier, Ehsan and Henry created the defensive interference needed to keep the Bulldogs fighting for every opportunity to score.  Tiger took out our man of the match this week with strong kicking and intelligent participation defining his playing style and in the process he kicked three goals.

To see how the team has come on this season particularly against such a quality team as the Bulldogs has been a delight to behold. With only a few games left this season there is indeed a sense of regret that the season is drawing to a close.

Once again well done, Blacks – you’re gonna catch ’em all!