U8 Black – Round 8

U8 Black vs Concord Giants

Round 8, Saturday 27 May, 2017

Drummoyne Oval

Undefeated. We don’t keep score, but that was the word being bandied about before the game. Could the team maintain this alleged record run? And against the club’s old foes Concord who are known for their skill and relentless aggression? It was always going to be tough, but the news that star player Austin P was out injured raised the concern of the supporter base. Who would they get to stand in for Austin P? Commandeering a player from the other side was an option, as too was playing a man down, but Koji, the younger brother of Akira, stepped up to play and it was game on!


The first term was tough – most of it played in the Concord forward line with defence being the name of the game. However, it wasn’t enough to stop the mighty Concord Giants taking inspiration from their namesake’s come-from-behind win against the Richmond Tigers at Spotless Stadium last weekend to post a few quick goals. Nonetheless, Koji defied his diminutive stature to put up a strong defence with the support of Tom and Austin D. Against the odds, Dimitri with steps and ‘fakies’ [trademarked: D Pate] slotted a couple of majors and assisted Hamish, who put one through late in the term. Drummoyne Power were still in the game. Just.

Coach Mark was inspirational at the break. Rumour has it he is the reason the Swans are coming to the Oval on 1 June for the community club day – not for the grass roots encouragement but to get a few tips on how to turn around their struggling season. Time will tell.

A force awakens

The second term saw a Drummoyne Power comeback worthy of Lazarus. Every player deserved a mention. Dimitri backed up his excellent first term with strong defence on the goal line and clearing kicks. Evie was aggressive in the goal square, Koji was in the thick of it and Alex V was relentless in defending Concord’s key player and Drummoyne’s biggest threat. Alexander G, Tom and Austin D were everywhere keeping the ball alive with pinpoint accurate passing and bursts of speed, and the commitment of Hamish and Arnaud was outstanding, both putting their bodies on the line for the team. A huge term for Lachlan with 3 goals and a couple of behinds meant Drummoyne Power was back.


The third term was a physical, gritty affair played mostly in Drummoyne’s forward line but characterised by defence, defence, defence. Numerous attempts at goal from both Akira and Arnaud were largely unsuccessful with Concord wrestling the ball back but rarely passing half way as the impenetrable defence of Drummoyne Power kept the Giants scoreless.

This was a big pressure game and the team stepped up like the true champions they are. Austin D and Tom got well deserved awards.

Undefeated? Well, we don’t keep score. But rumour has it…