u8 Black v Moore Park Tigers Round 4

U8 Black – Round 4 Match Report

U8 Black vs Moore Park Blue

Round 4, Bat & Ball Oval

After so much rain over the past few weeks  the U8 Blacks were rearing to go on this crisp sunny morning at the ever-breezy Bat & Ball Oval.

However, the boys were surprisingly slow to get going, and for the first 3rd, the Tigers really had the better of them. But a sharp pep talk from David and Greg at the first break set them on the right path. Right from the beginning of the second 3rd, the boys stepped up their intensity and every single player started to contribute. Leon shook off the defence and kicked a great grubber goal.

Alex defied his size and repeatedly took on 2 or 3 opposition boys. He took some great marks throughout the day, and really put that little body on the line. Oliver made a great effort with kicking out from goal, and tried hard with his hand passes.

Keshaan worked beautifully in defence with Josh and Marlowe, spoiling several Tigers’ attempts at goal. He took a big hit in the last 3rd but really rallied to continue playing. Archie had a great first 3rd, with relentless defence and tackling.

Tadhg showed some great kicking from the goal, and steadily backed up his team mates all day in defence. Rafferty had a solid game, with determined defence and some great marks, plus a lovely goal from a classy Leon kick. Josh was relentless in defence all day, never giving up.

Marlowe entertained the crowd all game with an impressive array of marks, chip kicks, smothers and clearing kicks. Great effort Marlowe. But the standout team member this week was Finley. He was consistent in his defence all day, and worked tirelessly on his ball ups, kicks and tackles. His handpassing skills were particularly impressive. Well done Finley, and well done boys on a gutsy comeback performance.

Thanks Club for the lovely flowers, and Happy Mother’s Day to all of our U8 Black Mums.

Archie, Raff & Alex in action

Archie, Raff & Alex in action