U8 Black – Round 3

U8 Black vs Moore Park Tigers

Round 3, Saturday 22 April 2017,

Bat & Ball Oval

Overall what a game. Probably our best game as far as commitment is concerned and also passing and movement and holding our positions. Everybody was brilliant.

Alex V: great play. Looked particularly strong in defence—didn’t stop running.

Thomas: a goal-scoring machine.

Dimitri: strong and kept running, always looking for the ball.

Austin: a couple of handy goals and great running.

Evie: starting to hold position well, with a great tap from the ball up, and great move with two marks between Evie, Akira and Hamish.

Lachlan: few great goals and good marks, he tore the opposition apart.

Hamish: seemed to be everywhere. There was great midfield movement and great goal in the second quarter.

Arnaud: so focused in the first quarter, he did not leave his opponent’s side—he also made a great run from an Akira pass.

Alexander G: with a couple of great hand passes, he showed beautiful work in defence.

Akira: so composed all game. Great passing, kicking—all round a superb game.

Coaches award: Dimitri

Future AFL champion: Akira