U7 Black v Concord West

Drummoyne Power U7 Black v Concord West

Saturday May 16, 2015 at Picken Oval

Crisp morning with a slight dew coverage just enough to make the ball a little slippery in the early stages. Both sides warning up with the usual exercises and players running everywhere. Respective coaches reminding both teams of what was covered in the training sessions the week before. As the sun rose higher in the sky it was clear the dew would not last and players and spectaters alike started to get ready for a close and competitive game.

Drummoyne Power started the game slowly but soon found their stride with the focus on team work and listening to their coach ensuring an otherwise defensive position was turned into attack with many goals being scored as a result.

Oscar No 1: Oscar demonstrated great team work with his hand balling and “kick passing” this lead to several goals being scored that would not have been possible had he chosen to run himself. Oscar also demonstrated great defensive skills in blocking the ball. Fortunately his right arm remains in one piece!!

Henry No 51: Henry’s defensive plays were outstanding. His ability to jump into the middle of the play and block the opposition is fantastic. Henry also demonstrated great skill in running the ball as well as great teamwork in passing.

Daniel No 9: Goal goal goal! Every time Daniel touched the ball in the early play it turned into a goal. Like his fellow teammates, Daniel demonstrated excellent teamwork through passing the ball as well as great running skilss and blocking in defence.

Benjamin No 5:  Benjamin took several great marks and was able to demonstrate a great affinity for kicking the ball. His defence work in goal was excellent and demonstrated great blocking skills that limited the opposition’s ability to score.

Riley No 55: Hand balling and great passing were the main feature of Riley’s game today. Yet another great demonstration of teamwork. This style of play by Riley led to several great goals including assisting in many more.

Peter No 7: Great defence work in goal. Peter was able to save several goals with the assistance of team mates again demonstrating great teamwork. His kicking out of the goal enabled play to successfully move from defence to attack.

Callum No 39: Great defence early in the game. Callum was everywhere! His persistence paid off with the scoring of yet another goal. Despite some unintended falls from clashes with the opposition Callum was able to take several great marks and assist the team in moving forward.

Ashton No 64: Excellent “going round the man” which was exactly what the coach had instructed the team to do. This resulted in Ashton being able to make several great runs and kicks while on the offensive. His defensive work in goal was also exceptional.

Zachary No 31: Excellent running up the sideline and great defensive work in goal with Peter. This again is a great example of teamwork and listening to the coach’s instructions. This resulted in several great plays for the team.

Matt No 43: Again, listening to the coach resulted in great running around the opposition player that enabled Matt to kick the ball to team mates. He also demonstrated great ability in “crumbing” the ball from an otherwise messy situation. Matt’s defensive work also resulted in several great passes to the team.

Harry No 66: Geat smothering work by Harry meant he was able to get several good kicks away from the play. Possibly some of the biggest kicks of the game. His work in defence  blocking the opposition also led to his ability to kick the ball up field.


A great team effort this Saturday clearly demonstrating that if you share and pass the ball around you stand a much greater chance of advancing the play. In addition to this, listening to the coach does pay dividends in the form of great play momentum and goal scoring. Well done to the entire team for another great game.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Peter was the recipient of the coach’s award this Saturday for his great defensive work in goal and the saving of several goals. As the coach mentioned, every goal saved is one less that you have to score.


As always a special vote of thanks to the coach and manager. If it was not for their efforts the team would not enjoy the experience anywhere near as much as they do. Many thanks.