U7 White Drummoyne Power vs Western Suburbs Magpies

On a spectacular, sun-kissed Saturday, the U7 White team turned out ready to take on the Western  Suburb Magpies at their home ground. A full team turn out was put through its paces pre-match, with some great drill work from the coach. With an abundance of players, we shared our talent with the Magpies. Koji was the first volunteer to help the Magpies, followed up by Benjamin in the second and Charlotte in the final term. Great sportsmanship by the Power players.

The first term saw Drummoyne jump off to a strong lead. Baxter lead the mid field team, dominating with some penetrating long kicks into the forwards. Upfront Liam converted the first goal of the game and quickly backed it up with his second goal, taking us out to a handy lead. Liam and Lachlan combined up forward to allow Lachlan to dance around and convert his first goal of the game. The midfield was proving impossible to penetrate, with Jeremy swooping off any loose ball with some outstanding pick ups, just like the team practised in the pre-match drills.

Baxter kept the intensity on the scoreboard by slotting his first goal to start the second quarter. The goal was good and worthy of his trademark post goal celebrations. Some great marks were taken by Koij and Charlotte. Sophia worked herself into space and cleared the ball down the wing into the waiting forward line, where Jeremy and Baxter combined to keep the scoreboard turning over for the Power. Benjamin was working hard in the midfield for the Magpies and created opportunities through his on ball pressure, but the Magpies could not get past with Phoenix smothering the ball in a great defensive move.

The intensity didn’t ease in the final term. A great display of teamwork as Liam handballed to Lachlan in the midfield, who kicked a long ball into attack of Koji to convert a goal. Our defence was relentless. At one point, the Magpies faced a wall of three players all with their arms up blocking the path to goal. Charlotte backed up her goal and mark in the second term by helping the Magpies finish strong the final term. The song was sung with gusto….though maybe we need to practice the words a few more times.

U7 White Players and Coach