U7 Black vs Western Suburbs Magpies

Drummoyne U7 Black vs Western Suburbs Magpies

Round 11, Drummoyne Oval

“Girl Power”

The cold wind from a Europe in turmoil swept across Drummoyne Oval on a crisp, clear morning as a blissfully unaware group of future AFL stars set foot on the hallowed turf for their round 11 clash against an undermanned Western Suburbs outfit.

If Friday was to go down in history as ‘Independence Day’ for those west of the English Channel, it would go down as ‘girl power’ day for Drummoyne U7 Black, starting with Tess kicking the first goal of the game with a towering kick and Evie dominating the ruck, scooping the ball up despite the pressure of the soon to be daunted opposition players.
Once Tess and Evie had opened the floodgates, it started to rain goals with a fine pass from Tess to Hamish setting the scoreboard alight. This was followed by a deft piece of work from Alex V with a shielded handball putting his full forward into open space and another goal. The fine work up front was matched by rock solid defence from Akira at the back – and despite the efforts of Lachlan and Austin D in playing for Wests the momentum was all to the Power at the first break.
In order to even things up in the second term, our key full forward Tess offered to lend her skills to the visiting team in the second term – but even that was not to be enough! Tom and Austen P were moved to the forward line and kicked goal after goal in a spirited effort, which was supported by powerful kicks from Austin D in the back line and an all round performance by Lachlan. The forward press of the Power was stifled only by the entry to the playing surface of Fred, the team mascot!
The return of Tess to the Power for the final quarter seemed to further inspire Evie, and the sister act took front and centre as Evie mastered the unpredictable bounce of the ball to kick her maiden goal for the game. Alexander G also took a great mark and Akira showed all that there is only one way to goal.
On a cold day for the unity of the European Union, the Power U7 Black showed that real strength is gained by coming together – and being led by women at the front!
Coaches award: Evie
Future AFL champion: Tess