U7 Black: Round 9

U7 Black v Concord Giants

Round 9

Archie – Team oriented play has improved through the season and his hand-pass to Frank on the run was great. Terrific snap for goal in the second quarter

Ethan – Ethan kicked a long range goal in the second quarter and followed it up with a fantastic defensive chase and pick up in the last.

Frank – A standout was his strong mark at center-half forward after which he wheeled around on to his right boot and kick truly.

Jack – Features of Jack’s game were his strong overhead marks, great contests for the ball and an team inspiring smother in the first quarter.

Oscar F – Desperate defence at fullback saved a number of goals and his deadly left foot put a few through at the other end.

Oscar H – Exceptional pass from halfback to Oscar F that resulted in a running goal. Set up a number of plays and his ability to include his team mates was great.

Sebastian – Good pass from fullback to Oscar H. Volunteered to play for the Giants in the second quarter and kicked a terrific running goal.

Zac – Played for the Giants in the first quarter. Very good handballs to his team mates and a great intercept mark at halfback.

Zoe – Absent