U7 Black, Round 3

U7 Black v Newtown Swans

Round 3, Five Dock Park

Wind, rain and squalls of AFL weather provided a winter feel for the Round 3 clash between the Power U7 Black and the cross town rivals, the Newtown Swans.

Following a slick pre-match handball drill and a banner run through to the sounds of the mighty Club song the first bounce arrived. Within seconds Hamish, in his first year of Auskick, was in the action with the AFL gods providing their blessing as a favourable bounce saw the first goal entered on the score sheet. Despite what seemed like a mismatch, Arnaud stood toe to toe in a ball up with the Swans ‘boy-mountain’ only for the following kick to reignite what was a thrilling David and Goliath like struggle. Arnaud did not take a backward step.

Following another goal by Hamish (AKA “I know where the big sticks are”), an overhead kick when lining up for his third found Tom who gratefully accepted the chance and kicked truly – there was love all around. Strong kicks out of defence by Lachlan and a dominant midfield performance by Akira and Austen created overwhelming momentum for the Power and Tom greeted the siren with another major and a fist-pump to match!

After a team huddle and expert guidance from coach Mark, the Power continued to dominate the centre, starting with an excellent tap-out from Lachlan, strong work at ground level from Alex V and a powerful presence from Evie. When not in possession Lachlan and Alex also showed us that they’ll also be great on the dance floor – perhaps sharing their moves with us in memory of the Purple One, Prince Rogers Nelson.

With the possession and goal-flow favouring the Swans, what was needed to ice the cake was “that moment”, and it came in the form of a fantastic mark to Alexander G amongst a crowded pack. When told that his wrist band would mean that he couldn’t goal, Alexander hand-balled off to Austen who put another six points on the ledger. Alexander showed he is not just an expert with the high ball when he kicked truly to Tom for a super catch.

One of the special, and somewhat confusing moments in today’s game was seeing our favourite son Ted playing in another team’s colours. Ted was the talisman for the Power in 2015 and due to the power of geography in inner Sydney was drafted to the Swans. This confusion was front and centre for Austen as he lined up for goal only to see Ted staring him down – it was like looking into the eyes of a brother (only in different colours). Nonetheless, a true kick followed and the moment is now AFL folklore.

The final term once again saw a resumption of the Arnaud versus ‘boy-mountain’ match-up which resulted an AFL innovation with the use of the two-tiered, ladder defence with Arnaud standing on the mark and Austen standing behind. The move proved a masterstroke and from the ensuing block Evie took possession and kicked downfield to Alex V who then found the ever-present Hamish in the forward line. A great mark on the final siren by Alexander G was matched only by the depth of the smile on his face.

AFL Future Champion Award: Hamish

Special thanks: Coach Mark for his inspirational guidance

For the memories: Ted (sorely missed but not forgotten)