U7 Black, Round 2

U7 Black

Round 2 v Glebe Greyhounds at Jubilee Oval

Round two proved to be another cracker from U7 Black, with the Greyhounds putting up some pretty agile players this week, keeping the Blacks working hard all game.

Alexander, Arnaud and Evie proved hungry all game, with some valiant defence in the face of some stiff competition. The trio worked well together throughout, with Evie and Arnaud providing solid back up in the forwards, passing off to Alexander for some good shots on goal. Preseason training is paying off!

Akira, Hamish and Thomas were in control across the game, with some great kicking and passing through the centres and into the forward line. But the real highlight was their defence. It was almost impenetrable, with smothers galore for the boys—who needs front teeth anyway?

Alex V, Austen P and Lachlan were virtually unstoppable this week, with Lachlan taking fabulous marks and Alex and Austen showing great teamwork and ball skills, setting Austen up for a run of smashing goals in the dying minutes of the game.

Given it was only the second game for Alex V, Hamish and Lachlan, and with Austin D a hopeful return from injury for the next game, it looks like being a stellar season for the Blacks!