Under 7 Black – Round One

U7 Black

Round One v Concord Giants at Goddard Oval

The Under 7 Black Team made a wonderful start to their season against the Concord Giants last Saturday morning. Every player had great touches of the ball, and all of a sudden there appears a sense of teamwork – with little training!

The highlight was to see players flourish with the ball in their hands, and grow in confidence during the game. Evie was just magnificent, with a number of weaving runs and kicks. Akira and Thomas linked very well together for players so young, with slick handpasses and fantastic kicks, which led to some crucial goals at key moments of the game. Arnaud came up with a huge play when he blocked and smothered an opponent’s kick in our own half. And how serendipitous for the two Alexanders (G and V) to connect well together with their running and kicking.

The new players, Hamish and Lachlan, just came out of left field! The team is so lucky to have their presence and skills on the footy field. Add to that the skills and courage of the two Austens, Austen P and Austen D, and the Under 7 Black team promises to have a great season, full of fun times ahead.

Well done team on your first game of the season.

And thank you to all of the mums and dads – especially Sally and Bridget – for helping out with the jerseys and the team lists. Welcome to you both!!