U7 Black Drummoyne Power Vs Concord Giants

U7 Black Drummoyne Power v Concord Giants

Drummoyne Oval

On a beautiful Autumn day the boys seemed very excited to get out onto the field and play some footy. We had a great game week before last with the boys progressing very well in teamwork as well as personally so we all were keen to see a repeat this week.

Oscar: awesome passing, great hustle in defense with a few shots on goal = outstanding

Henry: great defense with Ben G & Benjamin, quite a few steals which lead to a pass to Benjamin who kicked a Goal!! = great job

Daniel: steals, passing, marks, Goals…this kid did it all :) = well done & well deserving of his award :) :)

Ben G: awesome in defense, running into space, great marking, awesome passing to Benjamin which lead to a Goal, and a few Goals yourself = WOW outstanding

Riley: great recoveries, hustling for the ball, running into space, Kicked a Goal, a few steals which lead to a Goal by Ben G = you rock!

Callum: awesome shots on goal, fantastic hustling, outstanding in defence and a few great steals = good work

Zachary: Stellar in defence, waving your hands around confusing the opposition, making it almost impossible for them to kick a goal = great job

Benjamin: great passing throughout the game which lead to a few goals, a few shots on goal and finally your own goal = Thanks for playing with Black :)

Lucas: awesome passing, running into space, awesome in defense = Thanks for playing with us :)


Overall, the boys showed great teamwork and they seem to be progressing quite well. Hoping next week will give the boys an opportunity to further develop their skills as a team as well as individually

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Daniel S. got this weeks coach’s award. He listened to his coach and was outstanding throughout the game, WELL DONE DANIEL!!!!

Score (if applicable)

Goal kickers

Benjamin (from Teal), Henry, Daniel, Ben G, Riley,


Special thanks to Finn & Harrison who helped out by playing for the Giants, thanks Boys :)

Thanks to the MacDonald family for helping out with the BBQ, Ash for the Canteen & many thanks to Benjamin & Lucas from Teal who played for our team